Committed with a healthy nutrition

From the south of Chile, we feed the world, making products of excellence and protecting the wealth of our zone. 

We are part of Fonterra, a cooperative from New Zealand and the biggest dairy exporter worldwide. It is thanks to Fonterra and the advantages that Chile offers, such as the stability and the free trade agreements which have been signed, that our products today arrive to different markets. 

The company has two plants which are located in the dairy heart of Chile, a zone that approximately contributes an 86% of the total amount of milk that is produced in the country.   

The richness of our products starts in its origin

And it is based on the close cooperation that we have built with our farmers. 

We provide them with programmes, training and a technical assistance team who guides them with regard to animal welfare, food safety, grassland management and genetic improvement, everything in order to achieve a grassland based milk production with unique features. 

Our drivers to be better

Our Mission is to deliver quality dairy foods, contributing to a healthy life, being socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. 

Our Vision is to consolidate ourselves as a leading dairy company in the national and global market, highly competitive, encouraging the development of the dairy sector of the south of Chile, as well as the development of our people and community, in order to deliver quality products and constantly exceeding the expectations of the customers and shareholders. 

Our Value Proposition is to provide quality dairy products and ingredients, competitive and trusted, ensuring a high level of service and adding value to our customers’ business.     

  Our history

The Milk Processing Society of the South S.A., Prolesur, was established in 1990 when the Soprole shareholders decided to restructure their operations, splitting the company in two. At the beginning, Prolesur had a processing plant in Osorno and another one in Temuco, but quickly started an expansion process, initiating the construction of a new milk powder plant in Osorno and purchasing 100% of the shares from Dos Álamos S.A., in this way extending the operations towards the cheese production. 

Since the year 2.000, Prolesur started a consolidation period, concentrating its efforts on the improvement of the processes and the increase of the productivity. In 2004 the last stage of the Los Lagos Plant cheese line extension was completed, reaching a production of 1.200 tons per month, becoming the main exporter of dairy products in the country. 

Also in 2004, Prolesur together with Soprole started the Grassland Project, whose objective was to respond to the necessity of the local dairy sector of producing in a more competitive way through the extensive use of the grasslands and in this way being able to participate in the international markets. That is how Pradesur, a Prolesur subsidiary, purchased in 2005 two demonstration farms located in the towns of Los Muermos and Osorno.

During the last few years Prolesur has allocated important investments on Quality, Food Safety and Health and Safety, achieving excellent results in Food Safety audits and reaching the level A category, which allowed the company to have a product portfolio in accordance with the global dairy standard defined by the Fonterra matrix. 

From 2016, Prolesur defined a growth and development strategy with new investments on the cheese production that look to supply the domestic and global market.  

  Our teams

In Prolesur our collaborators are committed to the nutrition of thousands of people around the world. Our daily effort is to deliver products that comply with the highest quality, innocuousness and food safety standards and to be the most trusted source of dairy nutrition. 

  Ownership of the company

The controlling shareholder of Prolesur with the ownership of 99,87% of the shares is indirectly the Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited, a cooperative from New Zealand that has more than 10.500 members; none of them has more than 0.2% of the capital. 

Fonterra exerts its control directly through Soprole Investments S.A., who owns 70.46% of the shares and Dairy Enterprises Investments S.A, who owns 29.41% of the shares. 

 The remaining 0.13% is owned by approximately 600 minor shareholders.  

Shareholders Register

The company has delegated the administration of its shareholders register to the partnership DCD Registers S.A.

We invite our shareholders to visit the website, call directly to the telephone number (2) 393-9000 or come to Paseo Huérfanos 770, floor 22, Santiago, to discuss any subject related to personal background, transactions made, bonds issued, balance of shares, representatives, dividends certificates, shareholders certificates, taxation certificates and dividend payment.

  Health & Safety Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to outline the Prolesur’s commitment to Health and Safety, the intent of which is to ensure that our collaborators are healthy, live with balance and go home safe from work every day.  

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Prolesur operations and to those operations with third parties where Prolesur has the management control. Where Prolesur is involved in joint ventures and where it does not have management control, Prolesur’s intent is to ensure the approach to Health and Safety is consistent with the Health and Safety Policy of the company. 

3. Policy Requirements 

Prolesur is committed to ensuring there are no injuries or accidents to anyone who may be affected by our operations. The Health and Safety effective improvement is regarded as essential to our long-term success. 

The key areas of focus and goals for Prolesur’s Health and Safety programme are:

a. People: Build an organisation with people that believe and demonstrate that zero accidents and injuries is possible. 

b. Process: Develop and operate under a clearly defined core set of systems, processes, and procedures. Work to eliminate accidents and injuries through a proactive control of events and exposure to risk.

c. Plant, Equipment, and Design: Ensure a healthy and safe work environment through appropriate procurement, design, and management and maintenance practices.

Prolesur will play a key role in building industry good practices within our operations and promote a culture whereby all employees share this commitment. In consultation with our stakeholders, we will:

⦁ Implement safety management systems that minimise the exposure of our collaborators to Critical Risks in our operations

⦁ Implement safety management systems designed to achieve continuous performance improvements

⦁ Work towards compliance with national legislative requirements

⦁ Set clear and achievable health and safety improvement targets for our collaborators, which are regularly reviewed

⦁ Ensure line managers are responsible for health and safety and that all our people own and live the Health and Safety Policy

⦁ Make sure that the Health and Safety processes in place ensure that safety risks are identified and managed in an effective and timely manner 

⦁ Report, record and investigate all events accurately and thoroughly, identifying the root causes for non-compliance and applying corrective actions that will ensure recurrence is prevented

⦁ Promote a supportive workplace environment, where workplace-based rehabilitation following an injury becomes the usual course of action wherever possible, including the provision of rehabilitation opportunities for non-work injuries

⦁ Ensure processes and procedures are in place to help manage the health and safety of staff traveling nationally and internationally

4. Accountabilities  

The Prolesur Manager’s Committee is responsible for supporting and implementing the Health and Safety Policy, Standards and Guidelines. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring the correct performance of the company with regard to Health and Safety. 

The Prolesur Management Team is responsible for approving and implementing the Prolesur Health and Safety Policy, Standards and Guidelines. 

All the collaborators of Prolesur are responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance and effectiveness. 


  Quality and Innocuousness Policy

The Quality and Innocuousness Policy of Prolesur has the purpose of ensuring that our customers and consumers receive dairy products of excellence, innocuous and of a sustainable quality every day.

In this way, we ensure the full legal compliance, with the commitment of all the people that are directly and indirectly involved in our processes and all along the value chain, driven by the continuous improvement and through the ongoing development and training of our people. 

Information from the Financial Institute

  Board of Directors and Management

Board of Directors


Gerardo Varela Alfonso


Jorge Barría



Robert Spurway


Rodrigo Lavados


Sergio Diez Arriagada


Carlos Pérez- Cotapos




Paul Campbell


Alfredo Montaner




Tomás Walker Prieto


Gonzalo Grez


GENERAL MANAGER: Erich Becker     

FARMING MANAGER: Rudy Waldspurger