Connected to the world around us

Prolesur has a permanent commitment with the dairy sector of the south of Chile and promotes sustainable production practices, providing training courses and the transfer of technologies through the demonstration farms. It also fulfils a relevant social role within the communities where it operates.

Exchange Programme for Young Farmers

Committed to the formation of talent related to the milk production, the transfer of technologies and the permanent development of the dairy farming sector of the south of Chile, Prolesur started in 2017 the first version of the Interchange Programme for Young Farmers Related to the Dairy Industry.

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Milk farmers of the south of Chile

To help the farmers, Prolesur assumed the commitment of providing technical support to them on core issues such as Animal Nutrition and Genetic Improvement. 

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Connection with the environment

From the beginning, Prolesur has understood its responsibility within the communities where it operates and because of that the company promotes a “good neighbour” policy. In this way, Prolesur conducts and supports a series of initiatives in association with neighbourhood councils, educational institutions and health organizations.

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Training and organisational development

The personal and professional growth, the support to the families and the safety of the people are essential foundations for the development of our company. With the purpose of promoting a continuous improvement of the processes and the development of internal talent, Prolesur offers various initiatives that have the purpose of giving added value to all the levels of the organization.