Our promise is to be a trusted Source of dairy ingredients.

During the production of our products we apply strict quality control and sampling procedures to analyse chemical, sensorial and microbiological parameters, through globally recognized procedures.

Our milk powder

Whole milk powder

It has a constant and uniform composition, which is an essential feature for the formulated products. It is an ideal dairy source for any situation where there is no regular supply of liquid or refrigerated milk.

It has a wide range of applications, including the reconstituted milk, fermented dairy foods, yoghurt, ice cream blends and food service.

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Skimmed milk powder

The product has a good solubility, good flavour, a low fat content and a high dispersion capacity. 

It is recommended for the reconstitution of fermented milk, manufacture of dairy products such as yoghurt, ice cream blends and sweet shop ingredients, bakery, dry blends, among others.

Milk beverages

Prolesur manufactures special milk beverages according to the requirements of the customer.

At present, the company produces milk beverages for different stages of the human development, including early childhood, pregnancy and the elderly.