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From the south of Chile, we assume the mission of feeding the world with healthy products, contributing to the health and quality of life of thousands of people in a responsible way. Our products are manufactured using milk from cows that are fed on a grassland based feeding, emphasizing the benefits of the zone where we live: the rainy winters and the vast grasslands. Our commitment is to be the most trusted source of dairy ingredients. 

Our Products

In Prolesur we assume a commitment with a healthy nutrition and make dairy products of excellence. From the south of Chile we feed the world.

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Prolesur is present both in the national and the export market. Through the Fonterra network, the products made by Prolesur are able to arrive to more than 140 countries in the world. 

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Interchange Programme for Young Farmers

The young participants will live and work for one year at dairy farms in New Zealand, with the purpose of learning practices and getting to know new technologies.   

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Our products


At the Osorno Plant, Prolesur manufactures butter in two varieties: 

Salted and unsalted. This is a product for direct consumption which is ideal for hotels and restaurants. 

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Milk powder

At the Osorno Plant, Prolesur manufactures milk powder in three different versions: 

Whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder and milk beverages with special formulations. 

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At Los Lagos Plant, Prolesur manufactures three varieties of cheese which are destined for national and export customers. 

These categories are Gouda, Chanco and Prato.  

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Prolesur manufactures various categories of whey, which are destined for export as ingredients for the preparation of dairy products.

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